Marin County Wildflower

Marin County Wildflower
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Marin County Wildflower Mead Label

Supporting small-scale local beekeepers is an important part of our mission. These are the folks whose bees are pollinating the backyard fruit trees and flower gardens that give our community landscapes color. Brian Buxton, one example,  came to us last year with a good quantity of wildflower honey from his apiary in Ignacio Valley, a few miles northeast of our farm, and asked if we would consider buying from him to help offset his beekeeping expenses. It was a lovely light straw-colored honey with a nice citric bite and the decision to take him up on his offer was easy. Besides, the honey had been harvested only hours earlier, and it doesn't get much fresher than that!

Mead Specs
Alcohol %
Mead Profile
Tasting Notes
This latest release is lightly floral with slight mints notes from the influence of eucalyptus near our Olema hives.
Vineyard Notes
The honey for this batch come from our Mill Valley, Corte Madera and Olema apiaries.
Food Pairing Notes
This version of our Marin County Wildflower is perfect with sweet aged cheddar and caramel-noted aged Goudas.