Colombian Acacia Blossom

Colombian Acacia Blossom
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Honey for this varietal is harvested from the Meta region of central Colombia, on the east side of the Andes mountain range, where a 200 acre Acacia (acacia mangium) reforestation project initially intended to provide the region with sustainable construction materials evolved into a bee forage oasis with a diversity of flora and habitat for capybara, giant armadillos, crocodiles and leopards. 

Nectar from the Acacia flower literally drips from the bloom and honey is harvested year round. The beekeeping operation is staffed by Colombian citizens who have been displaced  by the violence of the Colombian Conflict.

Acacia honey is described as having notes of cinnamon, citrus and raspberry. The mead varietal we've produced from this honey reminds me of another spirit from south of the border. Subtle notes of flower married with mild white oak suggest a smooth and soothing tequila, but sparkling!

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