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A Wine Like No Other

We produce naturally sparkling varietal meads (wine made from honey rather than grapes) using the traditional French Methode Champenoise. Our unique and unparalleled Champagne-style of mead is light, dry, delicate and refreshing, with subtle exotic aromas and flavors found only in the essence of honey. These are meads that appeal to the modern, sophisticated wine palate.

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A Place Like No Other

In Point Reyes Station, California, we’ve transformed a former dairy farm into a bee forage oasis. In our pastures, gardens and greenhouse we cultivate flowering plants to provide healthy, natural, yearlong forage for our honey bee colonies, and we maintain an extraordinary agrarian destination for you, your family and friends to visit.

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From Flower to Flute

The flavor of any particular honey is determined by the floral source of the nectar from which it was derived. Just as every flower has its fragrance, every variety of honey has its own distinct essence. It is this signature essence that determines the unique character of each of our mead varietals.

Our Story


For the past few years, we’ve been on a global adventure with our friend Brian Woerner of The World Honey Exchange. Our mission has been to seek out communities that undertakebeekeeping as a means of sustaining their people, cultures, ecosystems and our shared planet; to discover new honey varieties in the farthest corners of this wondrously diverse green orb; and to reveal our discoveries to you as only we can—in sparkling, crisp and refreshing honey wines.

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Club Mead

We’ve been celebrating the discovery of true meads since 1997 and you’re welcome to join the party. We’re a big family with eclectic backgrounds and tastes sharing a fondness of the natural world and our place within it.

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